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My Catera dies after driving

Do you have any idea what’s going on with my Catera? Some times, after driving aways, if you let off the gas it will die, and not restart for 15-20 mins. The other thing it does, is that on a moderate drive, after you shut it off, it will not restart. Nothing happens when you turn the key. Again after an hour or so, it will start. The only code the mechanic reads is a secondary air pump, and he says that’s not causing the problem. I just dropped $1,000 in to coils and gaskets, so i can’t really afford to pay for goose chases. Help!

When you say “nothing happens when you turn the key”, do you mean the starter doesn’t engage?

Yes. The dash lights up, raido and all, but absolutly nothing from the starter. no clicking, nothing. Does that give you a clue?

Could be a bad battery connection … clean the battery connections with a wire brush or course sandpaper.

Don’t forget to clean both the battery posts AND the cable connecting surfaces.