My car

my car will start with jump leads from other car but when leads come off it wont run what is wrong with it

The likely case is your alternator is not working. The alternator powers your vehicle when its running and charges your battery.

When it runs with leads does a red battery light illuminate on your dashboard?

no my red light came on once when engine was off and car locked

The power can’t get from your car battery because of the corrosion on the inside of the battery cable terminals. Disconnect the battery cables and scrape, or sand, the inside of the battery cable terminals, and the battery posts.

will that make my car stall when jump leads are taken off as well

Yes, it can. The jumper cables are/can completely bypass your car battery. Your car could be running completely from the battery in the other car, through the jumper cables.

i took my car to work one day as i go to london on delivery left my car at work when i tryed to start it next day would not start bought a new battery car started went home parked it came out in morning battery was flat again

Then, the battery isn’t being charged, or there is a short, somewhere, which drains the battery. Either way, you need to call in a repairman to check for both possibilities.

thanks for all your help