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My car won't accelerate

So I have a 97 Accord after driving the car for 10minutes it just won’t accelerate smoke was coming from under engine bay on car was driving the road and car stopped couldnt accelerate so I put in neutral to push the vehicle and wouldn’t with 4+ people. If you can help thankyou

Were you able to find the source of the smoke? If the car will not move in neutral the brakes could have locked up , which could cause smoke (- sticking calipers-collapsing flex lines). Is the engine still running? Does it rev up in neutral? Is the check engine light on? Are you sure the car is in neutral?

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Is this not the same problem you had 14 days ago ? At that time several people thought your brakes were freezing up because of bad caliper or brake lines clogged . Did you have that checked ?

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Hi yes so I just wanted to add more on just waiting for the calipers to be ready to pick up

Yes so I took out caliper and shoes on front left and right. Engine runs and it revs up in neutral I disconnected battery so no check engine light and yes right now without caliper and shoes it moves in neutral but when my car broke down on the road it wouldn’t with 4 people

I’m going to change brake lines and caliper I just wait g for them to arrive

You should have added to the original thread so all replies would be on the same thread . That way you avoid conflicting advice.


You most likely need to replace the flexible (rubber) brake lines. They may have deteriorated to the point of blocking brake fluid return, keeping the brakes engaged.

Just reread posts, I see you have ordered the flex lines.

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Thabj out everyone