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Doesn't accelerate cant push with neutral smoke from undercar

Hi I have a 1997 Honda Accord when I drive it first time of day its good then after 10-20minutes driving it doesn’t accelerate and needs more force on pedal to go faster car broke down while driving on Street and couldn’t push while in neutral no parking brake was on I recently changed the oil pressure sensor because of oil light also I took to a mechanic to fix the idle surge up and down and brake booster what can I do to fix this non accelerating problem thank you

Describe these symptoms to a mechanic. I think your brakes are locking up.

Agree with oldtimer_11, the brake hoses may deteriorated to the point of not allowing the fluid to release the brakes after application.

But please explain “smoke under hood” statement in the title line.

Calipers seizing up is a probability.I would replace both calipers in case it wasn’t done in 23 years.The smoke is usually due to the friction material being in constant contact with the rotors. That could certainly happen during a short drive.

When I stopped there was smoke come by out from the bottom of car I think it does have to do with brakes locking up since I rember the rotor was red and usually aren’t red

I think the brain trust here has found your problem. Calipers locking up, brake hose failure most likely.

Well I stopped after driving for around 20minutes and smoke was coming under the hood of car and I think it’s something with brakes as the rotor looked red

You didn’t think it might have helped to share that information?

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Red rotor in the morning
Driver take warning

This needs to be remedied by a competent mechanic quickly if you hope to keep driving the car.