My car sounds like a pigeon

In the last two years my car has begun to shake when traveling at high speeds. The entire car begins to vibrate. In addition, at low speeds I have noticed a sound that resembles a pigeon coming from the passenger side of the car. I dropped it off at the mechanic and he called a bit later and told me he didn’t hear or feel anything. He did, however, charge me $120.00 to balance my tires which actually seemed to help for about a week. Periodically, with changes to flat tires (I get a lot of those) and rotation the problem will lesson, but then return again in full force on some random trip down the highway. If everything is really fine, great! But I do have a hard time believing that a nicely tunned car should resemble a pigeon!

My Vote Is For A Bad Tire Or Tires With A Shifted Belt.

If the mechanic hasn’t safety checked all the steering and suspension components, have it done. Don’t keep driving this way. It could be DANGEROUS.

How old are those old tires (in age: years) ?


I got them two at a time (money issues), one set about two years old, the other about a year and a half.

I just had a tire repaired and the shaking is significantly worse!

I’d Wonder How Much Weight The Repair Added To The Repaired Spot And Whether Or Not They Rebalanced It Or Balanced It, Correctly.

Also, old tires are very suspect for this type of problem. However even newer tires can become defective.

Tell the truth now, did you possibly drive on a low tire or tires before having tires repaired ? " Periodically, with changes to flat tires (I get a lot of those) . . . "

Sometimes you can’t help it or don’t notice it, but driving on a flat or almost flat tire can damage it.

With what you’ve said, my guess is still improper balance, repair, or defective tire.

Do you recall hitting something like a big pot hole or anything that could bend a wheel rim ?


Here’s A Thought. Check All The Wheel Lug Nuts And Make Sure They’re Not Loose. You Don’t Want To Lose A Wheel.