My car smell of gas for days

Why is it that after I fill up my car it smell of gas for a few days? Only in the back of the car.

It’s a 94 corolla. I make sure the cap is tight.

Angel, I’m Guessing That You Have Gasoline Leaking From The Gas Tank Or Fuel Lines In That Area.

It’s not all that unusual for a car that’s around 15 years old to have rust problems resulting in gas leaks.

This can be quite dangerous. Get it checked out before there’s a fire!


P.S. If it smells for a few days after a fill-up and then doesn’t smell as much until the next fill-up, the leak could be high up, like on the top of the gas tank. Don’t put much gas in until you get it in for a check and do that right away.

Common is correct, especially considering the age of the car.