My Car Needs Oil

I just realized that my dipstick is dry, I have two bottle of the right formula of Synthetic oil, the trouble is I have no idea what is currently in there: My question is: Is it okay to mix synthetic oil with regular oil? I am just wanting to add something in order to drive it to my garage for an oil change.

Anyone know? Please advise… thanks

ANYTHING is better than nothing…If it’s labeled “motor oil” pour it in. Then post back what the dipstick says…

Thanks… so mixing is not a problem? I could certainly go and buy regular oil tomorrow, but the trouble is I don’t know what is in there to start with!

I was due for a change a few hundred miles ago and I neglected to check it since. I just checked on a whim (something told me to as I had just returned from a long trip) and was surprised to find it “dry”, as the car seems to be running really well. Again, I just want to be able to drive it safely to the garage for a change… It is a VW GOLF.

Thanks so much!

Agreed. I’d use salad oil if I had no other choice.
Use what you have.

Fact: ALL SAE labeled “Motor Oil” is compatible with ALL OTHER motor oil, mineral base or synthetic, it all will mix with no problems. And YES, I would use Mazola too if that’s all I had…

But if you are MORE than 2 quarts low, it may be too late for an oil change…

Thaqnks for the response… and yes I will add the oil.
But I not sure what this means, I will add the 2 bottles I have and see, what, if it registers on the dipstick? If not, then what then?
Again, the car seems to be running fine and I guess I am glad (?) I checked…

Maybe you should check it more often…

Thanks Caddyman! I guess this will be one of those learning experiences and I will become a better car owner for it and check my oil. Cheers, Claire

How about you add 1 quart, wait a few minutes and recheck the oil level. If you are still low, add the second quart a little at a time until the level is good. You don’t want to add too much oil. Since you are using some oil you may want to start checking the oil level once a week.

Ed B.

It was many years ago when synthetic first came out that mixing oil types was considered a possible problem.

I don’t think it was ever resolved, but it certainly is not a problem with modern oils. Synthetic and non-synthetic can be mixed at will. New car or old makes no difference. Overall synthetic is a better oil.

In some cars it is “required”, which means if you use a non-synthetic you could damage the engine, or you might be required to change the oil more often to maintain protection.

I want to thank everyone, as everyone’s advice was reassuring and helpful and I followed advice and just added 1 bottle and 1/4 of a second this morning and the dipstick now marks at the bottom line (what you need for a cold engine – I did some reading :wink: … and NOW I’m off for an oil change and will certainly be checking the level more frequently!! as well as buying a couple of bottles for the trunk!
Thanks again, and happy driving!

I would use Mazola too if that’s all I had…

I’d walk if that’s all I had. has a great primer on oils. I recommend a visit.

"and the dipstick now marks at the bottom line (what you need for a cold engine – I did some reading :wink: "

Now I’m really worried. For oil, the level should be between the marks, regardless of the engine temperature, and you might as well fill it to the upper mark. If you’re seeing something that says “Hot level” or “Cold level”, I’m afraid you’re checking your transmission fluid, not the oil, and perhaps you put oil in your transmission. Getting all your information from the Internet may not be a good thing!