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My car keeps jerking with my ac on

My 2014 Chevy Malibu Eco keeps jumping when these is on. This only happens when I press the accelerator. This only started happening after I got my engine oil changed a couple of weeks ago.

First off, make sure the engine oil level is correct. Check the dipstick.

Hi yes the engine oil is at the correct level

It’s probably going lean due to an air leak that was inadvertently introduced during the oil change. A fuel trim test would be the best way to confirm that theory. Prime suspects are a vacuum hose was disconnected, a problem w/the pcv valve or hoses, the vacuum hose to the brake booster, or the path from the air-cleaner to the throttle body got repositioned and now has a leak. .

The reason it occurs when the AC is switched on is b/c that loads the engine, and an engine under load is more sensitive to a lean condition.

If you got your oil change at a good inde shop, take it back there. If not, locate a good inde shop.

Okay thank you! I’ll try that