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My car is stuck on an island in Greece!

I have a 1999 VW Eurovan with 36K miles on an island in Greece. I use it 2 months a year for about 600 miles. At the end of each season I wash it, cover it, and store in a garage. Usually change the oil at the end of the season, too. All the rubber parts look good but at what point should I just change belts & hoses even if they look good? I usually leave little fuel in the tank; is this best? I heard it was not good to put on jacks; should keep springs & shocks “loaded”; is this correct?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sounds good to me…I would add some fuel stabilizer to the remaining gas and drive it for a few miles to get it up to the injectors…How do you deal with the battery? Do your tires hold air pressure for 10 months? No need for jack stands…Today, hoses, belts, tires can last 8 or 10 years no problem…If you only drive it 600 miles, then the oil is good for 2 or 3 years…Perhaps renting a car “for the season” would work better for you, less overall cost…

We shipped the car from the USA in 2002 and it has turned out much cheaper than renting; we broke even several years ago and every year since is saved $.

I disconnect the battery but leave it in place. Also plug the tail pipe.Tire rubber is looking pretty ratty; we drive over alot of stones and gravel and the temperature is high. but I haven’t put air in the tires for a couple years!

We have the undercarriage power washed before storage.

I’m thinking of taking it to Athens ina year or two th a VW dealership and have them flush and replace all fluids and maybe replace all major hoses and belts. I have an extra timing belt on the island although I’m not sure I would trust any of the repair people…


I should have such problems…

The only other thing to consider is the age of the tires. 10 years is about the max you can expect.

If the 99 has a VR6 emblem it has a chain typically not timing belt.

Fluids change is a good idea. Especially brake fluid. I bought a car that had been driven by a little old lady. It was 12 years and had 10 000miles on it. The heater core was clogged up, because she had never had the coolant changed… Oh, and keep an eye on those rubber gaiters.