My car is chirping away

I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra. I have a problem that started about three winters ago but no mechanic seems to figure out the issues. My car makes a loud chirping noise when I first start it and last for a limited time. when temprature is cold. Every time I start the car the noise is there and when the temperature is colder, the noise is louder. The noise happens only when the heater is on. When I turn the heater up higher, the chirping gets louder and it doesn’t go away until I turn the heater off OR the car fully warms up. Once I drive the car for a few miles and the car has warmed up, the chirping is gone until the next time I start the car again, which is usally at the end of the day after work or in the morning. It sounds like the cold has something to do with it, just don’t know what. PLEASE help me!

Sounds like a bad blower motor.