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My car idles but wont rev

I need major help, im new to the whole mechanic thing and i bought myself a car that needed ALOT of work… bad idea right? well everything went well till i tried reving the engine… it didnt increase rpms at all… so what could be some problems??

Presumably it is fuel injected, so you start it & it idles without using the gas pedal - yes? Can you rev it by flipping the throttle plate by hand under the hood? If so, just check the throttle cable & its linkage. Check at the pedal and at the throttle body. If you’re thinking something like “what the heck is the throttle body?” then this might have been a bad idea.

But everyone starts somewhere. Do you have a repair manual for the car?

Yes it is fuel injected, and yes it idles without using the gas pedal, but i tried flipping the throttle plate by hand and it still didnt respond, i do have a Haynes manual for the car… ive been working on it at my schools autoshop and my teacher has been helping me… and i know that i dont know alot but it was a cheap car and is a learning experience within itself…

Make, model, year, miles? Automatic or manual? Engine? What has been done to the car since you got it? The more info provided, the more helpful the replies.

Ed B.

It may have an electronic throttle; which you DON’T want to flip by hand. You need to let us know the year, make, model, sub-model, and engine size for us to help you.

it is a 95 eagle talon with a 420a engine, manual trans

What exactly does happen when you flip the throttle? Does it simply do nothing at all?

Is this the turbo version?

Aside form that, if you’re in an autoshop at school w/ a repair manual, then this probably wasn’t a bad idea. It might not all work out the way you want it in terms of the car, but you’ll learn a lot.

BTW: I have decided that I have bought my last Haynes. If I want cheap, I’ll go with Chilton’s. If I want serious, I’ll spend the $$ to get a factory version. I have one Haynes right now that is so bad that it is nearly unusable.

Once upon a time, in a driveway out west ;
After changing a belt on my truck ( 92 Explorer )…SAME THING…idle , no acceleration.
Here’s why; My air flow sensor is it the intake duct before the air filter. Having forgotten to fully re-assemble that tube afterwards, the computer had no clue that there was a demand ( accel pedal ) for more and wound not allow more fuel nor increased rpm.
After a quick slap on my forehead and a simple re-assemble of the air intake duct, the truck ran perfect.

Check your air flow sensor for clean, plugged in, and proper installation.

Check the vacuum and for back pressure in the exhaust system.

Also check your throttle position sensor.

I have a 1998 Kia Sephia 1.8L DHOC engine, automatic. I started it up this morning and it revved and idled but wouldn’t move. It was in reverse but didn’t go back.

Work done: fuel filter replaced, fuel pump cleaned, mass air flow sensor replaced, spark plugs replaced, new ignition coils and wires, new oil change.

Before I bought the car, it sat for 3 years.

You might want to post this as a new post rather than tag it onto one that’s 8 years old.

When you put it in reverse and “it didn’t go back” did the engine rev up? And nothing happened? Then your transmission is likely at fault rather than the engine. Does it move forward? If so, same diagnosis, the transmission needs service.

I have a 2010 automatic fuel injected 4 cylinder Toyota Tacoma single cab. It was in a accedent and had to jump start it. At the begining it revved, but doesn’t now. I can push the the gas peddle to the flor and the vehicle rolls forward at two miles an hour.
Any ideas what is wrong? Mahalo.

If there is an electronic throttle control fault the accelerator pedal may not respond. The problem may be as simple as a brake light switch stuck on. Plug in your diagnostic scan tool and go to work.

Could the issue have been as simple as replacing an old dead battery? This was my explanation i recieved. Got it back and is running great.

If this is happening you are SURELY throwing codes… Read them, know them, love them… Then follow the breadcrumbs my son.

Off the top of my Top Hat…I’m betting on MAF or TPS… Again…the codes are your friends, love them, care for them…listen to them.

Blackbird out

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