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My car has a bit of difficulty cranking/starting up

This has only been happening during the last week or two. Here’s a recording of the sound it makes when I turn the key.

Notice the sound it makes during the first couple of seconds. It didn’t use to make that sound before. What could be causing this? I already checked the air filter, and it’s clean. Could it be the sparkplugs? Could it be the battery?

I just went outside, and layed one hand on the hood of my Corolla, held a healing crystal in the other, all the while playing the audio of your car’s troubling sound. Immediately… a bad starter motor that stays engaged, even after you’ve released the key from the crank position, rushed into my mind. If it’s not that, whatever it is, it’s going to cost you $200, if that’s what it is.

I plan on playing the lottery this weekend. What does your healing crystal say?

Kurt. I don’t have a healing crystal but my Glowing Orb says your chances are 50/50 - you will either win or lose.


50/50? Want to trade my tarot cards for your glowing orb???

Ah, you need to use my self enrichment crystal. As it so happens, someone stole that from me years ago, hence me diving a Corolla.

Sooooo… did you do anything about the noise? Did you rewire your radio so that it plays in the “crank” position?

My tarot cards don’t seem to do well on car repairs, sounds like a dying battery to me, free battery check at the parts store for you hopefully, don’t recall the price of my last battery but $200 should cover it!