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My car frequently does not start


I have a Intrigue , Oldsmobile 99. Occasionally, after running for a while, when

I turned it off and want to start it again

after few hours, it does not start. When I wait for 15-20 minutes and try to start it again it works!

It has been examined by 2 mechanics in different places and checked by Oldsmobile

dealer, they all say test by computer shows no fault.

Any idea?

I don’t revisit questions that often, so if you take a day or so to answer, just rephrase the question according to this:
How does the car not start? Does it just do nothing? Does it not ever turn over but make a stuttering, clicking sound that goes away to nothing? Does it turn over and just never catches anything at all, nothing to make you think that it might ever start? Does it sound like it wants to starts, but never actually starts? Or something like any two? Is the car hot or cold when it won’t start?

It sounds like it wants to starts, but never does. Also it happens only if I had used the car recently (few minutes to few hours) and it is hot.