Vapor lock

'97 dodge caravan stalls during peak temperature hours during the day (temp has been about 100 degrees). I have concluded this is vapor lock. What can I do to prevent it?

Insulate or relocate the fuel line so it is further away from hot engine components.

Vapor lock is very rare these days. The reason being, there is always way more fuel flowing through the system that can be used by the engine. This constant cycling back to the tank insures that there is a fresh, cool supply of fuel at the fuel rail for the engine.

More likely that you have a failing ignition module that is now heat sensitive.

I have a '96 Cherokee that I thought had vapour lock too. After months of aggravation I had the crankshaft sensor replaced and the problem seems to be fixed!!

I agree with the others. Perhaps what really is going on is the fuel pump relay causing the trouble.