My car die while driving and it wont start

i was driving my car last night and driving it normal and out of nowhere the engine just shut off i try to start it and it wont start it just clicks, the battery is good but i dont know what it could be, any tips would help right now, i have a 99 civic hatch with a gsr engine, i dont know if the problem is because i have a LS distributor in there and not the gsr one, it also leaks oil out of where the distributor goes i think, the LS distributor does not fit perfect but i have been using it for like for months already so. thanks

i dont know about the oil part, but are you sure the battery is fine? hows the alternator? it sounds like theres something wrong with it, and it drained the battery, that would explain the clicking.

The “click” may be the starter solenoid. There are other relays which can “click”. Open the hood, as someone turns the ignition key to START (III), listen for the click at the starter. Hear it?
If it is the starter solenoid clicking, and the engine isn’t turning over, there are two major possibilities: the engine is jammed and CAN’T turned over (Something broke inside the engine. Have you ever changed the timing belt?); or there isn’t enough voltage, and current, reaching the the starter to energize it.
Poor electrical connections can drop the voltage, and current, too low to crank the engine.

ok so i got the car to start it was low voltage in the battery and i also had to replace the starter so thanks for ur tips, but now when i start the engine it makes a really loud clicking noise coming from the bottom end, so a friend told me that i blew a rod, so it sounds like thats it but i dont know, so any suggestions. thanks

I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune. Your friend may be right. Is the sound a really loud clicking, or is it a really loud clacking? Either way, have a mechanic to listen to it, and advise you.

its a really loud clacking sound so, would the distributor have anything to do with that.