My car cuts out on me while I'm driving at low speeds

I have a 99 Honda Accord LX. My car has about 269,000 miles on and I drive this everyday. I’ve talked about another car but I just love this one. My husband has seen 3 other cars since I’ve owned this one. Other than this little probablem I’m going to describe (serious enough to me) my car works awesome! It started about 2 years ago and every now and then, my car would just “cut” out while driving at speeds of 40 mph or less. I would just put it in “Neutral” and turn the key over and bam…it would start up again. I could go a few months and nothing happens. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Could it be electrical? My car was recalled about 2002 for electrical switch - ignition “possible failure” so I had it in the shop and they switched out the recalled part. NOt sure if the new part is going out now or what. My timing belt and other regular maintenance is up to date, regular oil changes, typical starter and battery stuff has been replaced when failed. The Dealership is at a loss as well. Any suggestions?

This is just a guess, I suspect that the in-tank fuel pump may be failing. The bad news is that if I am correct, it is about a $250 part, and it will be pretty hard to diagnose with certainty until it fails completely and leaves you stranded. I would also suspect the relay and wiring to that pump. Your fuel pump relay is a $60 part so changing it as a trial and error repair attempt is a bit pricey.

This problem can be caused from a defective ignition control module in the distributor. The problem with this is, the module has to be in the failure mode in order to determine if that’s the cause.