My brakes make a squealing noise and when i press all the way down on the brakes it makes a vrooom type of sound, there is also brake dust on the hubcaps after driving

I have a 2014 hyundai accent 84,000 miles on it… I got my brakes and rotors changed two months ago and since then when i press on brakes my car makes a squealing noise and when i press all the way down on the brakes it makes a loud vrooom type of sound I can hear it more inside the car than outside, but it is noticeable outside also.

There is also brake dust on the hubcaps after driving… I’ve also been hearing a watery sound when i fully brake… What could be wrong ? … This all started about a week after getting the brakes and rotor changed. It usually starts about after 5-10 minutes of me driving around and braking, then all of those sounds starts to happen.

What could be wrong ? there may be a problem.
Any reason you haven’t gone back to the shop that did the brakes and asked them ?


If my car exhibited those problems, I would have brought it back to the mechanic the first day that I noticed them. With the exception of brake dust–which is inevitable with most brands of brake pads–none of those symptoms are things that should be ignored for two months.


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I didn’t take it to a shop, I had a mechanic friend do the brakes for me and as soon as I started hearing it the noises I took it back to him, we check the brake pads and the rotors and they were good, so he had put some of that stop squeaking oil on it but the sounds still came back… the reason I didn’t take it to a shop in the last two months was because of work, I’ve been real busy working 12-14 hours shifts and also been trying to save up money.

The vroom sound makes me think you may have some kind of problem w/the power brake-booster. Ask your mechanic to double check that it is working and holding vacuum ok. Any smoke out the tailpipe during hard braking?