My battery doesn't hold charge

I warn you, I am totally clueless. Since a week my battery in my Kia Rio 2006 is not holding it’s charge. I bought a jump start that worked this week but doesn’t anymore. Anybody can tell me how to go about from here? Thanks

Isn’t a 2006 still under complete factory warranty? If so, just take it to the nearest dealer and let them deal with it.

Failing that, shops that sell batteries. like Sears or Interstate, usually test batteries and charging systems for free because they want to be sure that the battery they sell you will not fail and come back.

Since you describe your mechanical aptitude in such humble terms, I’m guessing that you are not interested in buying an inexpensive voltmeter and trying to diagnose the problem yourself, but if the car is under warranty, you should not need to.

Thanks Manolito. That’s what I thought. I wouldn’t even trust my using the diagnosis tools.