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Almost new car. Struggles to start

I have a 2012 Honda Civic (base model) used that I got back in late February of this year. It had maybe 97 or 98K miles on it when my fiance and I got the car from a family operated car dealership. It currently has 109,506K miles on it.
When we start the car, it sounds like it’s struggling to start. Like the battery is dying. But there can’t be anything wrong with it bc we just got this car from the dealership. But it’s making us very uneasy and almost too afraid to turn the car off in case it doesn’t turn back on. Once the car gets started it runs fine. But this has been going on for the last couple of days. Neither me or my fiance are auto mechanic savvy and we don’t have the money to take it to a mechanic bc I am 37 weeks pregnant so everything that we have saved up is going to the baby. I just want to make sure that our car is going to be safe for me while I’m pregnant and for my baby when she’s born.

That’s not true…

The car is 6 years old, if it still has it’s original battery in it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s near the end of it’s life. Any of the chain parts stores (Advanced Auto, Autozone, O’Reily’s) can test your battery and let you know how strong it still is and whether it needs to be replaced or not (you can do this too if you have a voltmeter)


Can you or your husband take it to a car parts store nearby and ask them to test the car’s charging system? They’ll do it for free, and it’ll tell you if the battery is good.

This, exactly. And the dealership had no reason to replace the battery as long as it still started the car, because if they wait for you to buy the car, then you pay for the battery, not them. :wink:

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Andrea, it is almost certain that you need a battery . Don’t you or your other have anyone like a relative or friend that could help you. The wife and I have helped people on both sides of our families because they needed help. Some of them we don’t really like.

Unfortunately neither of us are so lucky to have anyone. He has his parents but they live on the other side of the country and don’t have much money themselves as they are well into their 60s. And I don’t really have anyone. Him and I basically just have each other.

I think you should have the charging system tested for free at a Parts store, then if (likely when) they tell you it needs replacement, you can get it replaced wherever it’s cheapest (Walmart would be my guess, but it depends on your area)

From what I found on line, if you need it, it’s a ‘group 51R’ battery (that’s the size), which is listed at $107.22 for an "Everstart Maxx’ battery at Walmart. I’ve used them.

Thank you. I’ll try that

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Don’t buy the battery until you get you charging system tested for free at almost any auto parts store.

That is a mighty large–and probably incorrect–assumption.

A 6 year old car with over 100K is hardly new, and trusting that there is nothing wrong with the car because it came from a family operated dealership was a mistake.

Now aren’t you glad you paid another shop for the pre-purchase inspection?

Take the car to almost any auto parts store and get a free charging/starting system test.