My AC is broken and I live in hell



I happen to live in New Orleans and this is the hottest part of the summer…I’m stuck without AC. My friend thought it might need to be charged and tried filling it with freon, but it was already full. My mother gave me the car and told me that she had taken it to a mechanic to get it fixed, but said it would cost her over 3 grand. This doesnt seem right to me, any suggestions? What would it normally cost and what could be wrong with it??? I’m afraid that the mechanic played my mom and I’m scared if I take it to one that since I’m totally ignorant about cars that it’ll happen to me too.


I had my entire AC system replaced a few years ago and it cost about $1400, but that was on an old Camry. Cost is going to vary by the make of the car, but that still sounds kinda pricy to me. You could need a new compressor. Take it to a couple different mechanics and to an A/C specialist and get a few opinions/prices.


Take it to Kehoe at 5000 Freret. Thomas won’t cheat you.