My 99 chevy malibus transmission slips when it is cold outside

When the temp gets to about 30f and lower my transmission slips. If it start the car and take off right away it wont start slipping for a half male. but it gets better as i drive it.

also if i let my car warm up for 5 min. The transmission will slip so bad i can not get the car to move. I have rev it to 4000 just to get it move a little. But it gets better as i drive.

I had the tansmission fluid changed still didnt help.

the car has 80,000 miles on it


What did the bottom of the trans pan look like and was there any metal debris (or any debris) in the filter? When you do a fluid change on a transmission thats acting up checking the pan and filter for debris can tell you if you are wasting your money changing the fluid.

Please be aware that approximately 60 Technical service Bulletins exist regarding 1999 Malibu’s transmission problems,sounds like a real piece of work.

They didn’t take the pan off. they just suck the transmission fluid out from the transmission cooler lines. should i get transmission filter replaced?

Due to the symptons you are experiencing and the existance of 60 TSB’s regarding problems with your transmission I don’t think the chances are very good that a filter replacement is going to help,others may say “give it a shot who knows it may work”.