MY 98' BMW316i


My 1998 BMW 316i is overheating like crazy. I can’t go 7klm. before it overheats and then it lets out a whole bunch of antifreeze. I’ve been to 4 mechanics and have changed the radiator, the sensor on the radiator, the water pump, the thermostat, the fuse mechanism for the fan and nothing has fixed the problem. Everybody now says it’s the head gasket and there’s probably a cracked head, BUT there is not water in the oil or oil in the anitfreeze, which what is “supposed” to the surefire sign of a bad head gasket. It’s a very costly repair and I’m a poor American missionary working in Romania…please help me guys…what’s my problem?


Was the radiator cap replaced, sometimes it gets overlooked? If the old cap can’t hold pressure, the car will have the symptoms above.

Good Luck,

Ed B.


Yeah it used to come out under the cap, but now it’s coming out (about a gallon when it overheats) somewhere under the car…it’s all messed up. If I replace the cap and the pressure is to high what will happen then?