My 2006 Saab 9-3 is slow to accelerate after I come to a stop

The diagnostic systems are pretty good on cars these days, but they aren’t able to detect every problem that might occur. The crankshaft position sensor is a good example. It is a very common thing to hear reports here of a failure of that part with no check engine light and no diagnostic codes stored.

This looks like an old topic but recently I had the same problem in my Saab 2002 9.3 se we checked every thing might be related but eventually it was the crank position sensor missreading the crank position and giving false information to the car engine control unite it was also giving the wrong code which was directing the mechanic to believe this was a foulty ignition cassette which we changed twice it was also the couse of the Shakey acceleration which drove me to change all tires and shaft joints moral of the day is: Saab is a special car which you can’t leave it to a novice mechanics hands you need a Saab specialist to get the job done properly

Nonsense , and you might not be aware of it but sentence structure is allowed here.

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