My 2006 DTS with ACC

First of all, I think I am getting too old for this. But here is my question. I was looking in BB to see if I could find a later model DTS with Adaptive Cruise Control.
I know they made the DTS through 2011 but I can’t find one with Adaptive Cruise Control. Do I have the only one?

BB search only showed 05,06,07, and 08’s. What happened to the 09’s, 10’s and 11’s?

Thanks for your[date=2018-05-16 time=20:07 format=LLL timezones=“Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles”] help.

What is BB?

Yes, the DTS had adaptive cruise control up to 2011. Here is a 2010 model for sale in Florida

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MM, BB is Blue Book. Hey, thanks. This car looks awesome. Now I need to know what they are asking for it.

The BB really did not mean anything to most of us. Usually it is abbreviated as KBB ( Kelly Blue Book ).

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Sorry Volvo. I will know better next time. I bought a PV544 in Indy in 1959. Loved that car. It was my substitute for an MG or an Austin Healy since my wife decided to get a baby instead.

I thought BB meant Bulletin Board, which I thought odd.