My 2004 Ford Taurus SEL is Haunted

I’m not kidding. Sporadically, the stereo and climate control start doing things on their own. The controls have no effect when these things happen. When the heat kicks on full, the “off” switch has no effect. In fact, the climate control can be turned off completely and then all of a sudden, the car will decide all by itself that it’s too cold and kicks the heat on full blast. Then as suddenly as it kicked on, it kicks off. It wasn’t so bad until we got “indian summer.” The stereo also goes haywire at the same time. The station, volume, and on/off buttons just stop functioning. I’ve been blaming this possession on my daughters leaving the stereo tuned to there “cool” stations. But, the other day it locked on my 90’s music and they quickly began blaming me. Any ideas, help, or suggestions for a local exorcist would be appreciated.