My 2000 olds bravada runs but wont move!

Ok yesterday after my pregnant wifes dr’s appointment we pulled out of the parking garage going up the hill it acting like i was in nuetral all of a sudden. it was running fine but i was coasting backwards. After checking the tranny fluid it was mostly gone so as my wife and kid sat in the still running car i went for fluid. I put in in and then drove up that hill went around the corner and it did it again. Then i got towed home. When its cold it works when i drive a little this happens. Its on all gears and no matter how much gas i give it there is no attept at shifting and no wierd noises. any ideas?

You have a tranny fluid leak, and that needs to be repaired and the tranny refilled to its proper level per the book and on level ground before making any assmptions.

Your tranny basically works by hydraulics. It’s “brain” changes gears by actuating specific hydraulic solenoids that mechanically engage and disengage “bands” that move parts around to change what gears are being spun. No fluid, no solenoid operation.

Hopefully, there’ll ne no damage to the tranny internals. But you should never keep the engine running if the fluid goes dry while you go for more fluid. The fluid not only lubrcates parts, but also remove heat from the tranny, and you can fry a tranny by running it without fluid.

Sincere best. Now call a towtruck and have it towed to the nearest reputable transmission shop.

How much did u add? I bet u had no funnel also? U can’t really pour in trans fluid without a funnel.

@Beaversson You have a 4L60E transmission. Please post fault codes for the transmission. Just because the check engine light isn’t on doesn’t necessarily guarantee no codes.

GM has issued SEVERAL TSBs for that transmission for various problems. If you post the fault codes, I might be able to help you.

I gave It 2 quarts and made a funnel from a magazine in the car. I now realize that is not enough. I need a mechanic to get fault codes i will call the shop behind the house in the morning to see if he can get them for me. Thanks

One possibility is that a line between the transmission and the transmission cooler on the radiator may have broken. This causes a quick loss in transmission fluid. If this is the problem, the repair is relatively inexpensive.

@Beaversson well, if you know that you don’t have the correct ATF level and may have a leak, that should be your first priority. A ruptured transmission cooler hose would cause a massive and rapid loss of ATF.

A GMC Safari van in our fleet suffered a catastrophic failure of a transmission cooler hose. The transmission stopped shifting, due to a low fluid level. After I replaced the failed cooler hose and corrected the ATF level, the transmission shifted fine. Same trans as yours.

It took me a week but the code is P1870

P1870 - Transmission Component Slipping

You’ll need to take it in, either to a good independent shop or the dealer. Co-worker had the same vehicle, required several dealer fixes to the trans. (symptom: slipping).

So does that mean new trans or maybe a module or something?

As 98caddy said, it means “transmission component slipping”. Exactly why the transmission component is slipping will take a trained tech to investigate.Chances are that it’ll need a teardown. It might end up being a component. it might end up needing a new tranny.

@Beaversson thanks for posting that fault code.

Well a new transmission filter got my bravada running again! The trans is still a little messed up but it drives, hopefully untill i can save up the cash for a rebuild!

So u were low on trans fluid AND changing filter fixed car?