My 1998 vw cabrio immediately stalls immediately

my 1998 vw cabrio stalled out while driving on the freeway (boy, that was fun!). it will turn over (for a second), but immediately stalls out. i’m not sure if it’s an electrical (ie. ignition) or a fuel related issue.

any help would be much appreciated.

Neither am I. One has to check for these fine qualities (of spark, or fuel). Can you do that? It would help ever so much>

Lets see, it runs until you release the key? I would bet on the ignition. I don’t know about a 1998, but in the old days, the ignition ran on 12 Volts when the key was on for the starter and dropped back to 6 when it was running with the key in the run position. My guess that dropping resistor is blown.

A quick check of a wiring diagram should verify the possibility and a little testing verify the problem.  If so you should have a cheap fix.

thanks, i’ll check that out.