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My 1998 FOrd Crown Victoria Will Not Start. Can someone help with this problem?

A few days ago the head lights and all inside lights would flicker and go off for a second or two while I was driving at highway speed. Thee flickering stoped when I slowed down. Yesterday the car would not start at all. The motor is turning over but not catching. Also only the radio work but not the sound system. I put in a new hi-output alternator but the car still will not start. The car has 155,000 miles and generaly runs well. Does anyone have any ideas how to repair this?

I wonder if you had a short to ground and fusible link burned out. I had this problem on a 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The heat shield around the starter rusted and touched the positive terminal on the starter solenoid. This burned out a fusible link.

You need to get the car up on a lift or ramps and check the wiring connected to the starter. That’s where it all begins…Also, inspect the visible wiring carefully for rodent damage…Critters like to chew on the wires…

Check the fuses under the hood and verify power is getting to all of them using a test light probe. If that is ok then check the fuses in the dash while the ignition is turned on.