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My 1998 E320 Benz Wagon

Hi! Recently my mechanic advised me that the above mentioned automobile was in need of various repairs due to leaks. In total there are 4 items that would cost about $ 3,840.00 to repair.

They are as follows:

1) valve cover gaskets transmission electric plug

2) rear main seal

3) valve cover gaskets

4) power steering rack has small leak and needs replaced

This car only has 58,140 miles. Is it normal for all these issues to be happening with such little mileage?

Thank you very much!


You seem to think it is all about the miles, the age of the car factors in here too. Get another opinion, some leaks are more important than others. A spot of oil on the garage floor can be tolerated.

Of the leaks you describe here the steering rack seems most important. If the power steering fluid was never replaced over all the years some of the seals may have deteriorated and dirt in the fluid can wear seals fast.