My 1995 Toyota 4 runner answer please!

I have a 1995 Toyota 4 runner. Standard 5 speed, V6, 4wheel drive 240,106 miles. For some reason when I’m driving and I come to a stop my car starts to idle at very low rpm when I’m not in gear and almost stalls out until I give it gas and it goes back up to around 1x1000 rpm. This happens a lot. The car hasn’t staled out yet but I was wondering if anyone has an answer.

You need to either adjust your air Idle Screw…Out idle goes up…In…Idle goes down. It should be located under a rubber plug on your Throttle body…where the air snorkel goes from the air filter to the engine…

If you dont have an adjustment screw under a rubber plug…you then need to clean your Air Idle COntrol Valve


Thank you ill try that