Idling too low

My 1995 4runner idles low the first couple minutes after starting and when I push on the gas pedal it drops almost to the point of dying for a second, then recovers and works fine. This is a lot worse in the summer time.

Always best to start with the basics. How old are your spark plugs and wires? Fuel and air filters? Someone ought to check the fuel pressure.

Cleaning the idle air control valve, throttle body, and mass airflow sensor (if equipped) can never hurt. Checking for vacuum leaks is also a good idea.

Is your check engine light on?

I’d take care of the basics and then see what happens.

Cigroller is right. Its maintenance history is important to know, so that the basic, routine maintenance items can be ruled either in or out as probable causes. Plugs, wires, filters, distributor cap/rotor (if so equipped) all are parts that need to be replaced on a regular schedule, and all are required for proper engine operation.