My 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis

i have the 302ci block, 5.0 V8 in my car and i was wondering if i have to take the heads off to replace the freeze plugs on the back of the heads by the firewall? Also would it be easier if i replaced all 3 gaskets if i do have to remove the heads, even though the gaskets are only about a year old or should i reuse them?

I don’t know, but someone at will. There is lots of other good info for you there if you want to keep this old car going.

I’m pretty sure the heads have to be removed on this model to access the plugs but the 5.0 is a pretty simple one to do in my opinion.

Make sure the plugs are actually leaking and any coolant leak is not caused by the EGR spacer plate gasket which has coolant running through it. Sometimes the EGR gaskets rot out with age and coolant can drip down and back.

You never reuse gaskets. That would be asking for trouble.

Head and intake gaskets are simply not reusable…

thank you for your insight!