Horn blows when wet

I’ve got a 93 ford 150 econo Van 310,000 miles. stearing colume ratche shaft bused a couple of years ago. Horn worked then only the airbag lite would flash on and off. Got everything from the yard, stearing wheel, air bag the whole thing. replaced it and the air bag light stayed off and horn worked! About 6 months ago the airbag light again on & off then right after that the horn wouldn’t work. However after a good rain and as I was turning mostly right sometimes left. The horn would just start blowing until I straighten the wheel and if someone was close buy I would just wave. But the horn would still not work normally. it is finding a ground when I turn the wheel. I have no leak inside only happens in or after a rain sometimes. It rains a lot in Oregon, can you guys help? This is serious, if I end up in a bad neighborhood I could get shot!

When I first read the subject name I was leaning toward mut on the horn plug.
But then I read it happens when you turn.
Now I have to say clockspring…the spinning contact behind the steering wheel that allows switch function ( cruise, horn, airbag ) transfer while turning.
without airbag, easy to change.
With airbag, use proper airbag procedures.

My fix would be to disconnect the wires going to the horn switch in the column and mount an auxiliary horn switch on the side of the steering column. I used that fix with my 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck and it was sufficient to pass inspection.
Your problem is simpler than the one posted on this board by Jack Benny. He had the problem with his Maxwell–the horn would blow at midnight.

I agree with Ken. I suspect that it isn’t the rain, but the humidity that’s making the gunk stuck to it just sticky enough to cause problems as you turn the wheel.

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