Musty Acura MDX

Hi-hope somebody can help with this problem. I have a2004 Acura MDX-just recently when we start the car a Musty-mildewy smell comes from the AC vents (am in Florida so AC always on-it dissipates after 10-15 seconds. I tried putting a new cabin AC filter in and disinfected the filter box with Lysol (also sprayed into fresh air inlet and then recirculated with AC and Heat on (at alternate times).

Worked for about 2 days, but now the smell is back.

The drain line appears to be open, as there is always a substantial amount of water on the garage floor, and nothing inside the car is wet.

Somebody said it may be mold on the evaporator coil, but not sure if that is what i sprayed in the cabin filter box (it had fins on the only side that was accessible).

Thanks for any help.