Mustang GT Hesitation,Wheels, and Fuel Guage

I recently bought this 2007 mustang with 160k miles, when I got it the fuel guage would only go half way and be erratic on its journey to becoming empty. When it hit empty I could still drive a few miles before truly being empty. I changed the fuel pump and got a new instrument cluster. Neither of these things changed anything. I pulled the sending unit up to see if it would atleast read full and it didn’t. I now have gas leaking out of the valve when pumping gas, coming up to my back seats

I also recently changed the lug nuts to spiked lug nuts and got caliper covers, but when I’m driving and take a hard left turn my right wheel shakes like it’s about to fly off, it does it when I merge left too occasionally. The left wheel doesn’t do it…

Last recently I changed out the air Intake with an aftermarket one, and when accelerating once I hit 35-45 it hesitates and then when I press on the gas more it goes right away. It’s not a smooth transition and completely noticeable. If I run my car for awhile it won’t do it as often though

The 2007 mustang gt is my dream car and I want it to run like a dream, so if anyone could please give me some tips on what I could do to fix these problems. I’d greatly appreciate it!

Putt this thing in a shop because it does not sound like you know what you are doing . Just by you post I don’t think this thing is safe to drive . If you are getting that much fuel inside you car you could really be in trouble . I have no idea what Spiked lug nuts are but I doubt if they mate up to the wheels properly.

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Yep, leaking fuel is a HUGE fire hazard, get this to a pro, quick.

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The cold air intake is causing your hesitation. Put it back to stock. OR buy a cold air kit with a programmer and a tune as a package. It won’t run right otherwise.

Get the gasoline leak fixed first, for goodness sake before you set fire to the car.

The shake may be a bad front wheel bearing or a bad ball joint or a bad control arm bushing or… anything in the suspension. Get it looked at by a pro.


Anything with 170K miles and 15 years on the clock is going to have some issues. Before you spend any more money on aftermarket “upgrades”…get the issues fixed.

That aftermarket air intake isn’t going to do you any good when the car catches on fire suddenly, because of a gasoline leak.


on some fords the faulty readings on the fuel gauge is caused by loose pins on the dash circuit board or the anti- sloshing sensor connected to the board.

My only tip is you need to stop working on it.


That is the automotive equivalent of arterial bleeding.
Get thee to a qualified* mechanic immediately.

*Not Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Firestone, Pep Boys, AAMCO, or a tire store.