2000 mustang GT dies while driving

2000 mustang GT dies while driving (only when warmed up) new fuel pump,new air idle control. Shop can’t figure it out yet.

That’s what happens when a crankshaft position sensor starts failing.


Car shuts off. Wait awhile, and the engine starts and runs.



Thank you sir! The shop put in a new fuel pump cause readings were off when warmed up I guess. Charged me $1000 for the job. Next day my car dies on me and needed tow. So frustrating and praying it’s not another grand.

Pretty high odds the problem is either no fuel or no spark. When this happens does it sometimes crank but not start ? If so that’s a good opportunity to figure out if it is spark or fuel. Either spray some starter spray into the air intake, if it then starts and runs briefly, its probably a fuel problem. Or ask your shop to show you how to check for spark using a spare spark plug , or however they recommend, something easy to do along the side of the road. Once you know which of the two it is, much easier to solve. You might also try driving w/just the single key in the ignition, nothing dangling from it. If that helps, points to the ignition switch.

Common causes for no spark

  • crank position sensor
  • ignition module
  • ignition key or switch
  • ignition relay(s)
  • fuses
  • wiring harness, grounds
  • ecm

Common causes for intermittent no fuel

  • fuel pump & system relay(s)
  • fuel pump
  • fuse(s)
  • wiring harness, grounds
  • ecm
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mechanic said warm fuel pressure was “off”? he said a new fuel pump should fix it. step 2. i got another theory. you got more money?

? Ya they tossed in a $500 fuel pump and still dies on me.