Mustang a/c making me crazy

this wonderful little 1998 mustang v6 has been kicking my butt. the a/c stopped working so i put another switch in it but nothing. so i took it by a shop they told me it would be about week are two if i left it before they could get to it so i asked what i could do they told me it was the rcm module maybe?? so i got one still nothing. oh yeah they told me to hot wire it so i did it worked but made the car start running hot so. how do i check the rcm and is there any other parts i can throw at it :slight_smile: i check the freon with one of the things you can buy at parts store it showed good.

There’s not enough info provided to even make a wild guess at what’s going on.
What needs to be known is what the high and low side pressures are at elevated RPMs IF the compressor is energized.

All I see from your post is wild guessing and you’re wanting to know what other parts you can throw at it? That’s going to get expensive very quickly and may not cure anything.

The running hot can be caused by the compressor being jumped and the cooling fan being inoperative. That’s the assumption I made, rightly or wrongly.

sorry for that was making it short. the a/c just stopped working on me one day so i checked the freon and it show to be good. took it to a shop and well back to square one i replaceed the a/c controller and still nothing they suggested jumping the a/c i made sure the fan came on - when you turn the switch on (are reg. are max.) the fan come on. they told me the rcm module could be bad so i bought one still nothing. the stang started getting hot (after jumpimg the a/c) someone told me that the a/c is connected to other thing whiich make the engine ajust when on. i have looked over the repair manuel and it doesnt go into details about this problem. i dont want to start throwing parts at it , that why on here which is great you can pick the brain of other motor head. please help if you can. ps this is the wife’s car and it is hot here:)