Mushy breaks

I just got my breaks fixed at a local repair shop. There had been some shimmy when I applied the breaks.

They replaced the pads and worked on the rotor.

Breaks seem fine, slow me down appropriately, etc. But they are much looser, kind of mushy when I apply them now. Did they screw something up?

I called them and they told me it can take a bit for them to “tighten up.”

I drove around quite a bit today and they are still mushy. Should I take it back?

Do they get harder if you pump the pedal?

only some…but not like they used to

If they firm up any when pumping, you may have some air still in the system. Take it back and let them look. Whenever there’s a doubt, brakes should be checked out.

New pads can, however, feel softer than the old worn out ones. Pads do vary in feel.