Change in brake performance

Hi! I have a 1992 Mazda Protege. I just got front brake pads and rotors and a brake flush. Afterwards, the brakes were kind of mushy, though the vehicle would stop. Once stopped, I could push the brake pedal to the floor, and when I change gears, the brake pedal goes much lower than before. Repeated visits got me a new caliper and master cylinder. It’s better (firmer, and doesn’t go as low), but not gone. My car didn’t do this before, and my friend/family members’ cars don’t do this. The repair place assures me it’s fixed, and another mechanic verified the new parts were indeed installed, bled the lines, and took the car for a drive and assured me the brakes are functioning properly. The reasoning seems to be that with new parts and fluid, there’s more compression in the system. Thus different performance, but not wrong. Is this true and are my brakes safe? Thanks!

Horse pucky! If the pedal is abnormally soft, there is something wrong. If the bleeding was done properly, it could e a flex hose ballooning.

Who is telling you it is OK, some quick lube place or a chain like Sears? Oh no it would not be Sears, they would still be selling you air fresheners and wheel covers to take care of the problem.

Another thought: If the car has rear drum brakes, they need to be adjusted properly for a firm pedal.