Multiple misfires


I know that my car is having multiple misfires, but I don’t know which cylinder it is. It’s a 1997 Chevy Cavalier.


I have never seen under the hood of a cavalier, but I am guessing that it has a distributor cap and wires (not coilover plug ignition) right?

If the cap, rotor, and wires are 11 years old. Replace them as a matter of routine maintenance before you spend any time or money trying to diagnose the problem. If the plugs are new, examine them. They should all look the same and they should look like new plugs, just dirtier. If they are several years old, replace them along with the other parts.

If that does not fix the problem, then start looking at the crank position sensor or whatever sensor your car uses to tell it when to fire.


Have you had the car scanned for diagnostic trouble codes? That may narrow it down.


97 Cavalier’s have a distributorless ignition system.

Like NYBo said, have it checked for trouble codes at one of your local auto parts stores to help narrow things down, and bring the code here for further help (it will be in this form: P0123).

If you’re up for doing some diagnosis, has a repair guide for your car and shows how to test components of the ignition system.