Muffler & Center Pipe in Exhaust

I have a 2000 Camry. I need to replace the muffler and center pipe.
Can anyone advise how much this should cost to get it fixed - labor and everything.
I am in Boston, MA area and got varying estimates.

These estimates must be kept secret, don’t reveal them. In Boston, you should be paying more than in Springield. The last time I got a muffler and pipe installed was in 2001 at Jeffer’s Muffer in Lompoc Ca. I paid less than $200 if I remember correctly. I don’t know if I remember what I paid. 87 Tempos eat mufflers sometimes. It was not stainless which is more expensive but lasts a long time. Yours is stainless.

In Boston, I would ask for $550 at least.

I think you catalytic converter is welded to the center pipe so that cat, pipe and muffler is one piece. If the whole system is being replaced, it will not be cheap. I’ve heard $3000 is not uncommon.

It appears that yours is a separate system so you can do the cat back. That will save you a lot of money. The lowest price I see on the center pipe is about $150, a muffler that meets Toyota specs is around $100. Add labor and mark up, you are probably looking at around $800.