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Mud flaps

I can’t find mud flaps designed specifically for my 2010 Prius–not from McNeil, not from Toyota!! Any suggestions?

Why do you feel you need mud flaps?

I would check JC Whitney.

Those cheesy little plastic car mudflaps don’t do any good and if they’re not properly installed they can greatly accelerate rusting. And with as low as this car rides to the ground, they’d probably be about the size of a playing card!

The Prius was designed to maximize FUEL ECONOMY at the expense of a lot of things; rear visibility, traction, among things, and the flaps would probably have increased the aerodynamic drag.

Check with J C Whitney as suggested, if you really want mudflaps.

I could be mistaken, but I think the body was redesigned for 2010. It may be too new for any aftermarket companies to be making mudflaps. You may have to shop generics at the part store if you really want some.

But I have to agree with Greasyjack and Doc in their comments about the Prius and mudflaps.

About 28 years ago one of the trade rags (Car & Driver perhaps) did a study on the mpg cost of using mudflaps. The general impact was in the 0.5% to 1% range. I remember the VW Scirocco had a 0.7% drag on mpg because I had just put mudflaps on my fiance’s VW Scirocco.

Wait a year, it takes time to get the new ones out.