Much OLDER Subaru 4 Wheel Drive Rear Bearing Replacement (80 or 90's)

Hi - if you are driving an old Subaru with 4 WD; and need to replace the Rear Wheel Bearings - you will find that a Special Lock Nut Ring exists on the ‘inside’ of each hub - which MUST be removed to drive out and replace the bearings. This Ring Nut is installed with a torque of 127(min) to 163(max) foot pounds… Subaru calls out a ‘special’ tool to help remove the Ring Nut - p/n (WRENCH 925550000) The Repair manual doesn’t mention it - but this Ring Nut Wrench also has p/n of: SU-022

This tool is discontinued and is VERY hard to come by… HOWEVER - Performance Tool makes a similar tool which WILL work - after a simple modification… the W1271 (by PT) and available from various outlets such as O’Reilly’s or AutoZone and others for around $20 - works quite well - IF you CUT OFF two of the protruding ‘nubs’. 180 degrees apart. This leaves two nubs still on the tool - and it will NOW FIT the Subaru drive axle… and you can unscrew the Ring nut. The tool is not rated for ‘impact’ - but I found that worked quite well; and quickly got it unscrewed. I also weld - so I welded the two ‘nubs’ which I cut off - back onto the tool - to help it fit. Although that wasn’t really necessary. And If you just cut off two opposing nubs and don’t weld them back on - it actually would still probably work for the applications for which it is designed and sold… Just a head up… the PT W1271 can be substituted for a Subaru 925550000 or SU-022 if you cut off two opposing nubs… When replacing older Subaru rear wheel bearings.


My Ford 4x4 truck requires a similar tool to remove a lock ring in order to service the front hubs. Not sure if it is the same size or not, but it looks very similar. Here’s the part the OP refers to, fyi.