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MSD Street fire ignition coil and distributor cap and rotor

If I am replacing my ignition coil as well as cap and rotor as MSD, do I need am ignition box?

Huh?? What engine is this on and what are you doing to it?

Replacing the distributor cap and rotor to an MSD brand and replacing a stock coil with an MSD coil. Nope, neither require an MSD electronic ignition unless you are changing the points or pickup to an MSD pickup.

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Multiple Spark Discharge

aha… thanks

Unless you do all out racing and live in the very high RPMs territory you don’t even need any MSD components.

MSD is a brand name for aftermarket ignition systems and parts.

If you are swapping from conventional ignition to MSD, sometimes there’s an issue w/the ballast resistor in the coil primary circuit. The instructions should explain what you need to do.