My mechanic, whom I trust completely, has now replaced my distributor 5 times - and it feels like the newest one is doing the same thing and it’s only 4 days old. What’s wrong with my vehicle that a distributor has to be replaced every month? Do I need a distributor made by Mazda? Thanks for your help.

The problem probably is NOT the distributor. What part within the coil is failing? After the first replacement went bad, I’d suspect a bad part. When the second went bad, I would have looked at other things causing the distributor to fail. There are has pick-up coils inside to tell the ignition box when to fire the coil, and may also include the coil. Something external, like power spikes or a bad ignition box, is damaging these distributors.

Thank you so much for your time and insight. I will ask my mechanic about the things you mentioned. I’m certain he will appreciate any help he can get. Thanks again!