Movie Continuity



I don’t want to feed the fire but some folks don’t realize these are ordinary folks. I remember going with my dad to the Chevy garage to get our car tuned up for vacation. The mechanic that did the work was my safety instructor. Did a pretty good job too but just an ordinary guy, not a movie professional. The bodyman working on a 55 Chevy quarter panel turned out later to be one of our Army Reserve warrant officers. Just normal people in your home town contributing.

At any rate the point was that there is some evidence that some people and youth can be influenced by what they see on TV and in video games. They constantly see people driving crazy or shooting people with no apparent negative consequences. I just think they could tone it down a little. Yeah Mannix and Cannon where no great role models either.


That was an Infiniti commercial, and I disliked it just as much as you did.


So mechanics are “ordinary guys,” but movie professionals AREN’T???

As you attempt to divide us, I have to say: WT actual F? We’re all ordinary people.


…and here I thought you were conservative. I’m so old I can remember when conservatives believed in personal accountability and thought warning labels were only for idiots. I suppose that only applies to libertarians these days, because conservatives like you are promoting a nanny state that regulates how people drive and handle guns in movies.


Hey, hey, hey, please: let’s not go any further with this.


The only people who are influenced are the ones who’s parents are NOT involved with their kids and what they are doing, so the kids fall into some form of fantasy reality. I know many many kids who’ve played these games and watched violent movies and shows and never ever had a problem. I’ve seen a couple kids who did…but it was due to their home life and not having good role models or parental control.

People who say their child’s problems are because of a video game or some movie are NOT taking responsibility for raising their child. Complete denial that they were just bad parents.


I wouldn’t shoot these indoors if I were you. The priming compound is lead styphnate. Indoor ranges are strongly ventilate for a reason.

Basement practice is what air rifles were invented for.


Well that was about 60 years ago so the damage is done.


You probably got more lead from the gas in your car back in those days.
There are priming compounds that don’t contain lead, such as fulminate of mercury.


So my grandmother gave Eddie a piano, great bud but he shot the piano because it was not playing right. Well he shot his truck also because it was not running right. I doubt the truck ran any better after being shot, It still made it to the vfw for lunch, he died of cancer, helped him out in the few last years, he loved making miniature civil war cannons, but never shot his truck with one. Please bring it back to car related, would hate to be the last post before the thread is closed.


I recently watched an old Batman rerun where Batman and Robin raced to the location of some arch fiend, jumped out of the Batmobile, and then Batman said “wait Robin”, he reached in his pocket for a dime and fed the parking meter, “we must respect the law Robin”.
Geez, I forgot just how campy that show was!


Oh, yeah, it was wonderfully campy. The Dynamic Duo was about to rush across the street to take on a ne’er-do-well. Bateman grabbed Robin’s arm and said wait, old chum, look both ways beforehand crossing the street. Robin replied “holy traffic safety, Batman!”


Apparently the law was A-OK with an afterburning turbine engine belching fire at tailgaters. :wink:


There were almost ZERO EPA laws in the 60’s.


Yeah. That car had an early technology to deal with unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust stream!


A guy in a nearby town was a tester for a Chrysler turbine car. I saw it on the road a couple of times. As a 12 year old kid I was suitably impressed. It would be interesting to see their current EPA/CAFE ratings.


I saw a quote attributed to Red Adair the famous oil well fire fighter that is appropriate for some of the questions asked on this forum. Fictitious example: My car was not running good so I had my Cousin Jethro fix it. He’s real good at fixing things but now it wont start. What’s wrong?

QUOTE: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”.
I don’t remember if it was used in the movie “Hellfighters”. If not it should have been. I can hear it in my head delivered with John Wayne’s drawl. It would fit perfectly under the SHOP RATE $100/hr. If you watch $150/hr. If you help $300/hr sign.


Speaking of emissions, the western third of Minnesota is under a air quality warning due to the wild fires. Moving east so get ready. Elderly should stay inside or push the recirculate button.


The thing about Batman was that the villains were in a way Batman’s alter ego. Independently wealthy, costumed, and real identities hidden. Just like Batman didn’t benefit financially from catching these fiends, these fiends mostly didn’t commit their crimes for profit. The didn’t need the money, they did it for the challenge.

Also, it was rather easy to identify The Penguin’s henchmen.


I was never a big Batman fan so appreciate the analysis.