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1999 Volkswagon Beatle Recall -and a mysterious overheating issue

A 1999 Volkswagon Beatle/Bug Recall -What is this all about? My sister’s car’s been giving her so much trouble. Currently, her car is overheating. Could this have anything to do with the recall on her Bug? Where does she start? How should she handle this recall? Will she have to pay anything? Who should she talk to? Where should she go? Thanks and God Bless!

The only recall I can see is one for brake lights and this has nothing to do with any overheating problem.
Overheating is a SERIOUS issue and the car should not be operated in this condition until the cause is found. Continuing to drive an overheating car can damage the engine to some extent or even burn it up.

Any official Recall can be done by any franchised VW dealer and this will not cost your sister anything. All recalls are free of charge. Simply call the dealer and make an appointment.
Hope that helps.

i find 6 beetle recalls. all have to do with electrical bugs (funny, huh?)

none have to do with overheating.

first thing. tell her to STOP driving it. check the fluid level in the plastic reservoir.

if the fluid is up to the full mark, then she should find a close local shop. ask around for references. friends. co workers. ask them for an appt to look at it. it may be appropriate to have it towed to the shop for repairs so the engine does not get over heated.

if there is a red ‘Check engine light’ on? tell that to the shop too.

the dealer is the place to go for the recall info. but the overheating will kill the engine, making the beetle worth nothing. so don’t kill the bug on the way to the dealership.

[b]It’s Volkswagen Beetle, Please![/b]

Sorry about being so picky, but these cars were a part of my life for years, back when the Beatles were cutting records. Seeing the misspelling is like nails on a chalkboard. I wore out two of them, one used, one new.

Cappy, you’re right. Also, Ed Sullivan is off the air, too.