Movie Continuity



I would have used dark smoke and a knocking sound on a classic Beetle.


Not to be too harsh but some of us don’t believe much of what comes out of Hollywood. I don’t think they have a lot of car guys or gals writing the scripts that would know the difference between air cooled and liquid cooled.

However, my VW stalled on me a few times but never had any smoke coming out of it. They should have just had a puff of smoke or something. Old VWs never needed a big reason to stall, especially with no gas gauge.

Yeah I like the exploding cars with the fireball underneath and the spring board propelling them in the air as the gas tank supposedly explodes. Hey, special effects folks gotta make a living too and if their bosses don’t know the difference?


… Or this:



I think they don’t even use blanks anymore in the film industry. They just digitally dub in the ludicrously exaggerated muzzle blast and the apparent ability for the gun to manufacture ammo as they shoot.

I was watching a show where they were restoring one of the General Lees wrecked in the Dukes of Hazard show. There was a smoke generator in the trunk to make fake tire smoke. Today, digital special effects would just dub that into the film.


Even blanks can hurt when fired carelessly.


People have been killed by blanks.


I used to make wax bullets for my .22 so I could target shoot in my basement. Removed the lead and filled with wax. Seemed to work pretty good but you never never aim at anybody, wax, blanks, empty, doesn’t matter. Hollywood though is not up to the task of teaching gun safety in their movies.


Yes. Blanks with a projectile, usually a fiber wad to provide enough pressure for some firearms to function which is launched when fired. Military blanks I have fired have no projectile. They build pressure by the cartridge case being crimped. They are still restricted from being fired at an individual within a 10 meter range.


Didn’t a ignorant actor die when putting a pistol loaded with “harmless” blanks against his temple and pulling the trigger?


Why in the world would they do that?


Why in the world would they promote and illustrate unsafe gun handling? Maybe they think it sells or just don’t know any better. Back to exploding cars.


I’d sure like to know where you’re coming up with these assumptions bout the film industry. I have a college friend who works in prop making and special effects who teaches gun safety to actors.


It’s not their responsibility to teach safe gun handling, just as it’s not their responsibility to teach safe driving.


They do a better job then the NRA.


Have you personally experienced poor gun safety training from the NRA?


I assume you mean National Rover Association? I can see why you’d need a gun with a Land Rover because it’s very offroad capable but also very unreliable, and so you get way out in the bush with it before it breaks down and then you need a gun to ward off lions.

(let’s go back to cars before Carolyn has to smack us :wink: )


LOL! Not movies but car commercials. Correct me if I misremember but wasn’t it a VW ad that had one of their cars jumping from a bridge and landing on top of a moving train? There is at least one idiot out there who may try it! Another commercial where I don’t remember the manufacturer of the compact SUV. Dad is driving with 2 young kids in back. They are recklessly racing through a city and slide to a stop. The kids are then waving to their mom who is running a foot race. What if they didn’t make it to mom’s race because they were dead? How about allowing enough time to arrive while driving normally? Movies, TV shows, and commercials constantly depict impossibly reckless driving! I’m sorry. As a school trained/certified and experienced safety specialist in military aviation and OSHA I can’t help it!


This goes way back, but one of the earlier Acura SUV commercials showed them inching up to a skyscraper and then driving straight up the wall, to show how much grip it had.

You almost kinda wish someone had tried that. :wink:


I’m actually surprised some drunk moron with a Jeep hasn’t tried it yet :beers:


‘Darwin Award’ wannabes!