Mouse proofing a 2012 Toyota Prius V

I am buying a 2012 Toyota Prius V from a friend. It’s in great shape except for a mouse problem. They are able to get into the cabin, and one has died somewhere and we can’t find it. Are there professionals who can find the carcass and mouse proof the car?

Why doesn’t the seller solve this problem ? Start calling body shops and pest controls near you ( where ever that is ) .

First rule of vehicle sales and purchase - Never buy or sell to friends , relatives or coworkers as it hardly ever works well.


Thank you for your reply. I had not thought of a body shop. I will start calling them tomorrow, Monday.
My friend is elderly and not able to do a lot. First, I want to see if this problem is fixable, then take the cost off of purchase price. It’s not a done deal yet. And I hear you about buying from a friend or relative!

Inspect the cabin air filter, mice nest on top of it and sometimes chew through the filter.

Agree, but otherwise you need a mechanic to disassemble the heating and ventilating system to clean it out. May not be cheap. And if you can smell it, you are smelling all those little molecules of mouse decay.

Yes. I’m a mechanic and 2 years ago I had the pleasure of having to dismantle the dash of a 2012 Subaru that had a mouse infestation. It involved removing the entire instrument panel and dashboard. Remember, it’s a stinky messy job, especially if it’s at the point that there are flies from the dead mice (I found 4 in this case) and people charge handsomely for this work. I ended up charging over $1800.