ok i have a 50cc china brand motorscooter…

and its having an issue

the problem is that it will start up and idle very quitely and sounds great

but it will not accelerate to more than 15-20 mph top speed…

when it typically tops out at around 40-45mph.

i know the carb. is in great condition i just recently took the bike to a near by shop to have the carb readjusted thinking that, that mightve solved my issue.

which it did cuz i was also having a starting problem… so now it starts but will not go any faster than 15-20mph

any ideas?

Get your compression checked I had this problem with 2 different scooters 1 at 9k miles and another at about 11k miles. 1 had a cracked piston the other a worn out ring. Both got fixed for under $300

cool cool will definately do.
mine only has 1500miles on it…
and this might sound kinda stupid but…
if i hadnt changed the gear oil yet.(…like since i got it when it was brandnew…)
would that slow it down?

I don’t think the gear oil is the problem. But at only 1500 miles you shouldn’t be having any problems yet. On a 50cc scooter if you are doing 40-45mph all the time you are very near over revving it, and if its a 2 stroke you need to make sure your oil/fuel ratio is correct or even just a tad oil rich. Running oil rich will foul spark plugs quicker but you can buy alot of plugs for $300.

The exhaust shouldn’t be carboned up yet, but who knows?

Check clutch and belt, sounds like it is not “shifting” right or not at all.
Maybe the 7year old did not lube clutch right LOL

no no its a 4 stroke engine…
and yah the clutch has alil bit of wear on it but not enough to cause any problems
maybe wear on the pads that about a little more than the width of a dime
and its a automatic with no gears its a cvt transmission
and the exhaust has abit of carbon on it mainly because it didnt come with a exhaust gasket when i bought it… (grrr frickin Chinese workers…)
and it also did not come with a crankcase hose… so i took the stock aircleaner box completely off and put a perf. air filter on
along with a new no rev. limit C.D.I.
… but yah i am thinking its something to do with the transmission… possibly the rollers(…maybe.)
but also maybe the ignition coil,piston,or maybe even the piston ring…
gahh im so lost on this…

im just gunna get a compression check done… and try to go from there with it…
if anyone has any ideas please
feel free to let me know